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Back from work yesterday, I found a laptop in a trash (Maxdata Pentium IV, 45Gb HDD, DVD R/RW, 15" display). The RAM was missing, but this laptop uses standard DDR memory. The laptop also comes with a power adapter (20V DC / 6A)

The battery was charged enough to boot the laptop up, but I'm not able to charge it again. When I plug the power cord in the laptop, the LED on the power adapter starts the blink and I can hear a small buzz. The buzz comes also from the computer and it smells like hot electronic components (so I removed the power cord). I tried this with and without the battery : same result !

I can't say if the power adapter is dead or if the power input unit of the computer needs to be repaired.

Here are some questions :

- Can I easily change the power input unit of a laptop ? I don't think so but ...

- Do some generic battery charger units exist and do you know where to find them ?

- Do you know how to bypass the power input unit of a laptop to charge the battery inside the computer ?

Please excuse my English, my mother language is French.

Thanks !


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I once fixed a laptop that could not charge its battery by replacing a Picofuse (a tiny fuse). Look for these:

formatting link

There may be even smaller fuses now.

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I just fixed one with a similar problem last night, the solder joints at the power jack had cracked and were arcing, the whole connector got pretty hot and it melted the plastic a bit. It could also be a shorted component in the charging circuit.

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James Sweet

Thanks for your replies !

I hope I'll be able to see what's wrong on the motherboard. I don't think that the problem comes from the power adapter, but I'll test it tomorrow.


James Sweet a =E9crit :

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