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As the plug of induction cooker put in the socket and switch on the main MCB trips instead of fuse in the ckt board. What should i check pls tell...

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On Monday, September 19, 2016 at 9:40:26 AM UTC-4, snipped-for-privacy@gmail.com wrote :

MCB trips instead of fuse in the ckt board.

Are you sure the induction cooker is drawing too much current, or is your b reaker just weak? Put an ammeter in circuit and see what it's drawing. If it's drawing less than the breaker's rating, change the breaker. Maybe th e normal draw of the cooker is higher than your breaker's trip rating.

If the cooker is indeed the problem, then something must drive the inductio n coil. Check for shorted mosfets, igbts, or triacs.

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Did you attach the plug to the cooker yourself? How many pins on the plug?

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