Washing Machine Very Noisy, Thanks in Advance

Hi, I hope this group can help? I have a Hotpoint washing machine, that has recently become very noisy in the spin cycle. It sounds like a grinding sound. When i manually spin the drum by hand, it sounds rough.

Is it the Drum bearing?

Any ideas please ?

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Try to move the drum up and down, is there any movement? If there's any more than an almost imperceptable or very tiny bit of play then the bearings are gone. A grinding noise could also indicate the motor needs a service or replacing, like worn brushes or failing bearings.

Either way, don't use it again until you've fixed it.


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Dave D

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larry moe 'n curly

Hi Dave, I will try that thanks..

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Some common causes:

Warn drum bearings. Warn motor bearings. If the drum is belt driven, this can also be warn pully wheel bearings and or bushings.

Do NOT use the washing machine until it has been properly serviced.

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JR North

Thanks, now I need to clean the soda out of my nose.

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James Sweet

Reminds me of a long lunch.

We're sitting around with a pitcher of beer on the table. I pick up my beer and am ready to take a swig but figure the punch line is coming and thought better of it and set the glass down.

My buddy Karl asks "Why did you put your beer down?" and takes a swig from his mug.

I said "Only an idiot would have a mouth full of beer when Brian gets to the punch line."

Karl blew half his beer across the table (at Brian) and the rest shot out of his nose.

I don't think Brian ever finished the joke.

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