Small yellow/black spots on washing, why?


I have an indesit wdg1295w washer dryer (5 years old) that has over the last 3 months or so made small round yellow or black spots on my shirts. At first it seemed to be a one off but it is now becoming more often. It does not to appear on every load, probably 1 in 10 and the spots only appear on shirts and no other garments.

The door gasket does have a slight bit of mould on it which I am going to try and scrub off but I don?t really think this is the cause. I?ve carried out a service wash at 90 C & used a de-scaler but am still getting the problem.

There are no visible marks inside the drum but when I turn the drum I can her a light rattle which sounds like a piece of scale.

Has anyone got ideas what the cause is?

Another article on the webiste suggested it might be oil leaking from the bearings but the bearings don?t seem to make an irregular noise during the spin cycle plus the marks don?t happen all the time?

Is it time to buy a new one? If yes, has anyone used a washer dryer that actually dries as mine is pretty poor!

Thanks Adam

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It`s almost certainly the front drum bearing seal failing, try putting your hand in the drum and seeing if you can lift it slightly relative to the outer tub, any looseness there indicates failing bearings even tho they might not at ths stage be noisy.. In 20 years of repairing washers, we never considered replacing the drum bearings on an Italian machine to be a viable option.


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