TV tunes all channels but not properly.

Teak TV ct-M687;HDTV Any advice please. All channels can be somewhat tuned but none of them look good. Picture is distorted/wavy and the sound cuts in and out for about 5 minutes from when TV is first turned on.

I have tested with a VCR and cannot receive stations from the RF but this is confusing me: I switch the VCR to test and can get the 2 vertical white lines by tuning the TV to channel 3 (via RF) but cannot receive anything. However I do get perfect picture and sound via the scart connector.

So far I have resoldered etc.; I have B+ at 12.11v and various voltages on other pins at the tuner but no reading on the IF pin.

I would appreciate any thoughts on narrowing down the problem. Thanks ALI

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alitonto ha escrito:

sounds like you need to check the I.F. section for bad caps and/or the aft may need a tweak. B.

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The 2 DC voltage checks I can think of are the AFT (* VDC or so, if memory serves) and the B+ (33 VDC).

I've seen weak tuners that couldn't produce a good image for cable signal levels, but a video game deck was okay. Perhaps the test signal from your VCR is a stronger signal, and the tuner is marginal. As a test (not a repair) try an RF amplifier.


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Tom MacIntyre

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