Using a DTV converter on TWO tv sets????

I got a DTV converter that has both the RF output that goes to the tv antenna connection, and has the AV (RCA connectors) output. I was wondering if I could connect the RF output to one TV and the RCA plugs to another?

Actually what I really want to do is put one to the TV and the other to my VCR, so I dont need two converters.

Will this work?



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Also realize that the output of the DTV converter will be outputting the same TV channel to both your TV and VCR. It's not like you can watch one channel on TV while recording a different channel on the VCR.


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And, how did it work out when you attempted it?


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Spamm Trappe

That's the usual solution. However many receivers do not have RF modulator anymore but have two Scart outputs, one for TV (that outputs the auto-switching voltage and optional RGB output) and one for VCR (that does neither). They are independent as fas as loading the signal so they can be both connected at the same time. Of course you cannot record one program and watch another at the same time.

Actually the initial idea was that the receiver would allow signal input in the VCR Scart and behave as a bypass when set to standby (so that you can view your VCR through the existing scart cables using only one scart from the TV) but I have found many cheap ones do not behave properly. The other way around is more reliable, a VCR with two scart sockets acting as a bypass for a DTV receiver.

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