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Hi, I've been repairing televisions for awhile now. I recently got a JVC AV-27S33 with a tilt problem. The picture is tilted down to the left.

I've already gone into the service menu and there is no option for this. It's weird because every JVC television I've fixed before has the option in the service menu.

I've removed the back of the cover and do not see the knob/pot at the base of the tube. Any idea where is could be? Other televisions I've repaired have it on a circuit board at the bottom of the case.

But this one is REALLY dirty, I'm talking spiderwebs and etc.. I rather not deal with that, just want to fix the tilt problem. Anyways, any and all help is greatly welcomed! Please reply soon if possible. Thank you for reading!

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Ry Zo
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Do the Yoke alignment complete including purity, convergence, and geometry.

That set like most, almost all, 27" size tv sets do not have any tilt correction circuitry.

If it has an RCA made crt with bonded yoke, you are finished.

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