STR-GA9ESG Sony Receiver - displays "Protector"

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This message started displaying a few days ago. Approx a year ago one of the speaker channels started popping, so I changed Balance to 100% on the other channel.

The operating instructions booklet only mentions the display, but offers no troubleshooting information.

Is the "Protector" problem expensive to fix? Is it worth fixing this unit?

If it is a board-replace fix, can anyone suggest which component(s) to look for, a supplier for parts and service manual?

Thanks for any help.

Larry Mehl

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L Mehl
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If it does this with ALL the speakers disconnected then one of the output channels has a problem. The unit needs troubleshot to the component level and repaired. Any good technician with the service manual in hand will be able to diagnose and repair the unit.

Until you get an accurate diagnosis and estimate, there is no way to know if you think the unit is worth fixing.

Call any Sony authorized distributor for parts or service manual, like TriTronics

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Nevertheless, an ES model ought to be worth fixing. My experience on these is that usually a driver IC is bad, such as an STK350-030 or the like. Shouldn't be too expensive if this is the case.

Mark Z.

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Mark D. Zacharias

Mark and D --

Thanks for the response and information.





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