Sony VPL-CX6 LCD Projector - yellow tint


I have a Sony LCD Projector that has a yellow tint.

This is what I have done so far:

  1. I've replaced the bulb
  2. Changed the vga cable that runs between the projector and PC.
  3. Connected different laptop's to the projector to verify that it is not the PC.

I'm running out of ideas. Where could my problem be?

Thanks in advance for any ideas in troubleshooting this issue.


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IME, yellow tint is a result of some element in the imaging discoloring from heat. Normal culprit is the polarizing filter, but it could be the LCD panels themselves.

Others might have a better perspective on your particular model....


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The yellow tint appears the second i turn the projector on. If it was the heat, i would presume that it would take at least a minute or 2 before the heat would cause it to change color.

is the polarizing filter something that i can replace myself?


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burnt optical element. Process runs away in positive feedback, IOW total failure imminent.


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