Sony part 148710111


I'm looking for a place where I can buy this part

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Do you have any ideas where I can find it available ?? (esp interested in web shop)

Thanks! Marcin

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What model number machine is the SWITCH BLOCK CONTROL(PS310) used in? You can probably find a machine suitable for parts easier than the switch assembly alone. Search eBay by model number.

Search for it like this: 1-487-101-11 which is the correct format and shows more hits:

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Jeff Liebermann

Being curious, I found reviews for this camcorder -- HDR-XR200V Sony Digital camcorder -- dated August 2009.

So, Sony doesn't even support their products with parts for a full three years?

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"Once upon a time", the law said 10 years for electrical/electronic parts.

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William Sommerwerck

onic parts.

My distributor has this part flagged as being involved in the "flood". All= manufacturers are required to stock replacement parts or at least 5 years.= I would order the part from the website referenced and let Sony indicate = the part status. The listing does not indicate that the part is not availa= ble. If a part is no longer available, the website ususally indicates it.


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Sears claims to have it in stock for $58.


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Urban legend for the most part. California had a similar law at one time (7 years IIRC), but it was unenforceable.

Mark Z.

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Mark Zacharias

Not what I was told, including by my Sony contact -- the head of the parts department.

Such laws are eminently enforceable. It's just a matter of whether the law wants to get involved. Dragging companies into court for a relatively small social benefit might not seem a good use of time to prosecutors.

The real problem is that technology changes so rapidly that manufacturers have little practical justification for keeping service parts. But the idea of tossing something because it can't be fixed is fundamentally anti-green. I expect expensive products to be fixable.

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William Sommerwerck


I buy Sony parts for broadcast machines all the time. When I click on 'avai= lability' and is says it's in stock - as this part states - I order it and = get it. Are they saying it's _not_ in stock?


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I've heard lots of comments regarding so-called "parts availability laws".

Never seen a single concrete example.

Of course in the modern world, it would be nearly impossible for manufacturers to even comply.

Sony's policy in the U.SO. at least (at present) does not guarantee any specific parts availability.

As regards most consumer electronics, they do pledge to provide out-of warranty service at a factory service center (Laredo, Texas) for a period of seven years after the last market date.

If parts are not available, an accommodation offer will be made, meaning they will sell you a new or refurb unit at a reduced cost.

Due to shipping costs, the way they handle TV's is different, but they still frequently offer deals on refurbs and new TV's under similar circumstances.

Sony is losing so much money these days I don't expect their current policy to last.

Most companies don't even come close to Sony this way. If it's out of warranty you are very often "on your own", especially with cheaper products (or anything with the name Dell on it).

Mark Z.

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Mark Zacharias

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