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hey people,

I am looking for a specific part. I was wandering what are the technique you use to find a specific part. Is there a software out there you would just punch in NPN, Vcb=500v max etc... and I would see all the possible part number and code availabe. If not, how do you go about it ?



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Ken O
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has the best parametric parts search function. You'll love it.

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Hi, Ken. Most semiconductor manufacturer websites have parametric search capability. For your transistor, I'd just go to the ST Microelectronics website:

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click bipolar transistors, then click on the parametric table selection for the type of transistor you need.

For high voltage transistors sorted by V(ceo), they show a couple of dozen parts that will do the job. You can sort by voltage, Ic, or whatever parameter you want.

Most other semiconductor manufacturers have the same capabilities -- it's much better than flipping through catalogs. Take a minute to learn how to use the parametric filters to make your job a bit easier.

Good luck Chris

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