Sad update on P61310JX4 blanking out problem.

Chassis: DTV307

Blue tube decided to drop a neck!! Waaaaah!!

Happened while TV is on displaying windows (underscan, also had to be set so image brightness not that bright or else unit blanks out.) via S-video on video card's video out while I was getting around to get tools ready and take apart TV to look closely at the blanking problem.

Amazingly clean break.

That darned blue CRT was first replaced (1) last winter then followed red and green in late spring to stop shutdowns which didn't work out but fixed the grey scale problem.

I was told this kind of neck falling off usually cauased by beam hitting glass but I don't see this happen like this??? Blank is very instant. OFF like snap, if blanked too long, TV shuts down.

Besides, I had set up the settings and convergence following the service manual instructions. Prior to this, I have done so many projector CRT swaps with no problems till now.

Upset and lost, help! UGH!

(1) This begun with original compliant for discolored spot that was traced to spotty bad blue CRT. That spot was not the beam burn in the center, it is in one of quadart and appox 2" irregular spot.

Cheers, Wizard

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The NTSC color system modulates the Q signal with a 0.55 MHz bandwidth = and the I signal with 1.5MHz bandwidth. Nearly all color TVs demodulated = both choma axes at 0.5 MHz bandwidth since the demodulator was much = simpler. The wide I demodulation sharpened up the reds quite a bit.


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The lawyer portion is one of the funniest things I've read in a while.

I wonder if he's ever concerned about being sued by a whiney customer.

Your other points are well taken, as are your other posts

Cheers WB ..................

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