Recovering deleted answering machine email

I have an AT&T answering machine that I accidentally deleted a message on.

AT&T has told me there's no official way to get the message back.

Is there any way to pull this off the hardware directly?


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Jesse Graybill
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If it's a semi-current model with messages stored on a chip, it might be possible with a lab full of electronic gear.

You might ask one of the thumb drive recovery companies for a quote - start with the hard drive companies and see where they send you. Ontrack Data Recovery is one I've used in the past for hard drives.


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In short no... It is possible, but I can't say I know anyone willing to go the time and expense to do so. We are probably talking $1000+ maybe more since this is not exactly the standard recovery job..

So yes, if this message is worth it..

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Michael Kennedy

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