Deleted Messages on Answering Machine

My housekeeper accidentally deleted all the messages (including my 2 year old daughter's) from my Uniden 900 MHz 378 series telephone answering machine. Any possibible way of getting those messages back?

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I had a GE digital answering machine at one time that did not delete the messages until new ones came in. Even though you pressed the erase or delete button, you could still play the old messages until a new one came in and permanently deleted the old messages.

You have probably already tried pressing play again, but I thought I'd throw it out there...

- Tim -

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Does it store it in a battery-backed up RAM? Or flash?

Then it probably is still there. Erasing a message is probably the same as erasing a file on a disk, you just remove the entry in the content table.

Do NOT record anything of you ever want those messages back.

You will need somebody who knows electronics (like me), can get the flash, read it in an epromprogrammer and figure out the data. Probably in a 8-bit format.

It is also possible that is uses an analog ISD or other soundchip. They are difficult to crack as they can have internal datamanagement.

If it is possible depends on what is inside this machine.


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