Re: Replace Hard Drive After 3.5 Years

Hi Elle,

I had two hdds fail so far. I will never depend on a hdd to "keep" important files permanently. Instead, I use an external TDK CD burner, which I can move from one computer to another for the purpose of backing up important data. Note: I have more than one CD with the same data.


Before you type your password, credit card number, etc., be sure there is no active key logger (spyware) in your PC.

I walked away from my computer for a couple of hours, tops, yesterday. I >came back to it and the display and mouse were frozen. > >It's a 3.5 year old personal computer (Gateway, with a 20 Gigabyte, 5M Ultra >ATA hard drive). I ended up powering down, when starting up received error >messages and then a failure to reach the Windows display. I ultimately >struggled through a Scanddisk from a Dos prompt and was able to recover >most, but not all, my personal files, copying them to floppy diskettes (3.5 >inch type). I shoulda been backing up at least once a month, but wasn't. >Anyone else procrastinating: Man, don't do it. Stop now. Back up your files. > >A tech support person at Gateway said hard drives don't usually last beyond >five years. Some die at three years. I've found support on Usenet for this. > >My computer's running again, but to thwart another massive crash, is it >worth putting in a new hard drive? I've got $80 to spend, and I figure a >nice one will run about that. > >I installed a new power supply (that is, transformer) last summer. It's >power and so heat output aren't that different from the old one. It seems to >be working out fine. Otherwise, all else is original equipment. > >My last computer was a Hewlett Packard. It "died" irrecoverably after only >thee years. The shop couldn't fix it, though maybe I took it to a lousy >shop. So this is very discouraging. Throwing away $800 every three years >ain't gonna cut it anymore. So I've had it with these big brand names. I'm >ready to build my own, and think at this point I have enough expertise to do >so. I'm certainly not going to throw money away on a shop trying to fix my >computer again. It seems to me much of the expertise involved in a >successful computer repair involves simply patience and persistence. > >How about the CPU? Should I investigate replacing it, too? > >All suggestions about whether a new hard drive is worth the investment and >the CPU are welcome. > >TIA >
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