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Hello - I have an older washer that has begun leaking water when in use. It's also making a kind of grinding noise for several seconds when it first starts spinning but that eventully goes away once it gets going. Would anyone happen to know what's going on with that, whether it's a complicated repair or whether it's signaling that its last gasp is imminent? Thanks in advance... AB

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Been there; done that. Recently, no less :)

Can't speak to the leaking water, but the grinding noise is almost certainly the transmission. And it will get worse and worse as time goes by.

Transmission isn't repairable (imho), and replacement even if you could find one not worth it. Start saving up to replace the machine asap


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Ken Weitzel

Best you can do is take it apart and find out where it's leaking and what's grinding. You didn't post a model number or even a brand so there's not much anyone can do to help you. There's only a small handfull of different washers with a whole lot of different brands stamped on them so you can probably find something mechanically similar on craigslist or a curb somewhere and get parts from it.

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James Sweet

Could be as simple as a failing pump. Pull the cover off and see where the leak is and go from there.

Steve B.

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Steve B.

As a worst case scenarion it is probable that the bowl has rusted, also that water has penetrated between the main shatft and agitator shaft, causing it to bind. The bowl may have numerous sensors and outlets, all of which can develop leaks. Over 25 years I overhauled and old Whirlpool like that several times, replacing the bowl, shafts and rubber bits, while I could get cheap parts. It's a fairly big job.


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