Problem with 35" Sony TV picture tube

A couple of months ago I noticed a problem with the picture tube. The picture has a slightly brighter image in a circular pattern running near the edge of the tube. (This is in a 4-1/2 year old KV-35S42.)

Fortunately I have an extended warranty (from Sears, where I bought the set), and the service rep said the problem was with the picture tube. He also said that he could replace the tube, but the replacement would be a "remanufactured" tube, and because my tube is otherwise fine (good color, contrast, and clarity) I might wind up with a worse picture tube than the one I have!

Does this sound like a reasonable warning? The main time you see the circle (and a slight graying out beyond it) is with bright, light images, such as pictures of a light blue or gray sky or similar images.

So, I'd like to know what to expect from a remanufactured tube, and whether the defect in my tube is likely to get worse over time. Other comments also welcome.



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My Sony had "over-scan", usually at the top and bottom of the screen. Your description looks like something different. Over-scan was on brand new tubes and showed up on a black screen with bright white scrolling text.

Rebuilt tubes vary in quality. I had a rebuilt Zenith tube that I swear was much brighter and overall better performing than a new tube. The rebuilder had a lot of experience (around 30 years).

Dave M.

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Dave M. would be a better place for this question.

I had a problem with the picture on my 9 year old Sony. I put some photos up on the web and a very kind soul on the group identified the problem immediately and told me how to fix it. TV works like new again.

Even if you don't feel up to doing anything yourself, at least you'll get some constructive suggestions to what might be going on.

(I have included the group on this reply).



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