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Hi, All. Somewhat OT... not real science (but related), not electronics and it's maintenance rather than repair... You can clean the inside of the glass of a wood stove very effectively by using automotive "Bug and Tar Remover". It works at least as well as specialized wood stove products, costs less and is easily found in automotive supply stores like Canadian Tire in Canada. Now back to my radio restoration hobby - I have a 1948 Viking 5-tube AM-only superhet on the bench... chassis recapped, re-aligned and working, now to face the cabinet... Cheers, Roger

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Just what are you burning that requires such extreme cleaning? Creosote saturated telephone poles or railroad ties? Bug and tar remover is some heavy duty petrolium solvent, which might be useful for removing such muck, but you shouldn't be burning it in the first place. The recommended cleaner is water, ammonia, and elbow grease.

If the fire is hot enough, it will not fog the glass. If you find that you're condensing tree sap (creosote) on the glass, then you're not getting complete combustion and are probably also consensing the creosote in your flue pipe. You might check for an accumulation before you have a chimney fire. A handfull of salt on a hot fire will help.

Sounds like a nice project. When you get it working, let me know if you hear anything that was broadcast in 1948.

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