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Hey all;

Not exactly a repair question, but I was hoping someone might have some information or ideas about this. My inlaws have a Crosley gas stove that beeps a few minutes after it is plugged in for no apparent reason. They don't have an owner's manual, so we don't know if this is an actual malfunction or if there is some combination of button pushing that can turn this annoying little feature off. I have thought of just disconnecting the speaker, but if there is an easier fix, (and if it is actually supposed to do this because of some wrong setting) I'd try it first. The model # is CG3478XRA.


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Hi Time Flies :)

Don't have one, so can't speak much, but if no error code (F[something]) shows, then perhaps it's just saying hi, I'm working?

Or perhaps asking you to set the time?

Then again, if an error code does appear, here's a list of what they mean.

formatting link

Take care.


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Ken Weitzel

Thanks Ken.

I don't think it's just saying hi, because it never quits. It beeps until you unplug it. It seems to me that someone set the time and the beeping didnt stop, but that's good thinking; I'll look into that.

The error codes are a big help though. There too, I think someone mentioned F[something] being on the display, but I can't remeber what. At any rate, I'll look into those things too.

Thanks again for your help.




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