Non Working DM-1800 Digital MultiMeter?

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Recently removed 2 Digital MultiMeters from storage. When turned on after installing new 9V batteries both did not work.  

Was guessing that the electrolytic capacitors need reforming so Googled and found "Reforming Electrolytic Capacitors"

Followed the instructions and one started working.  

The other still shows the same 989 display (with changes of decimal point depending on the selector position.)  

Have not yet taken it apart.

Can provide photos if someone wants.

It is same as "Brand New Digital Multimeter DM-1800"

Appreciate any suggestions!!!  



Re: Non Working DM-1800 Digital MultiMeter?
On 03/05/2016 18:07, KenO wrote:
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Do they have rotary switch, function select ?

Non Working DM-1800 Digital MultiMeter?
Reforming caps is a fool's task.  Replace them.  Full stop.

Peter Wieck  
Melrose Park, PA  

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