NEWBIE: Philips 8p6054 projection TV convergence issue??

Hi all, Everything I have read so far in this group seems to point to a convergence issue, perhaps someone can confirm and help me thru the service convergence menu...

SYMPTOM: Colors are not vibrent, never seem to match real life. Looks good on one type of picture and then looks bad on another. Also when doing the consumer convergence there is a RED fringe on the bottom of the + that red fringe is about 3/4 of the way down the TV and it seems that you can sometimes see it if you try hard while the tv is on a channel. There is no doubling or shadowing of images, just not sharp and bad colors.

HELP WITH: I went into the service convergence menu but became a little lost. It looks like it walks you thru step by step but was unsure right off the bat with the geometry questions. could someone give me a quick walkthru? advice? help?

QUESTION: If the lenses inside and mirror are really dusty does that have a big effect on the picture sharpnes?



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Convergence is "registration" of the red, green and blue images so they fall on top of each other. If there are color fringes around the edges of objects, that is usually poor convergence/registration. It can also be if one of the three color electron guns is being pushed too hard as it nears the end of its life. If the color is not vibrant, that is probably not convergence, but dirty lenses and/or end of life of the electron guns. An experienced service operson could tell quite quickly which is which.

H. R. (Bob) Hofmann

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Sounds more like contaminated coolant in the green and blue tubes. Look into them with a flashlight and see if it is clear or cloudy. Very common on these sets.


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Leonard Caillouet

Follow up:

The lenses are not cloudy inside.

Took off the screen and cleaned the mirror and lenses, what a difference! I am now crisp and clear. The DIRT was caked up both the lenses and mirror. Doesnt look like i looking thru a fog anylonger.

Figured out the service convergence menu, wasnt hard once I actually paid attention and read what the screen said. I guess I was just in too big of a hurry the last time. Alot of RED/GREEN was off, but not any more.

Now its alot better, but its like all the red, blues, greens blur over bright. adjusting the brightness just darkens everthing, even those colors but they still seem to be blured.

Went into the other service menu, but deffinatly need instructions on that, looks like each setting has a hex code assigned to it. didnt change anything but saw there were alot of options for each setting.

any more advise? anyone explaine the service menu to me?

thanks for the help so far.

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Were there no values in the service menu reading from like 0-128 or 0-56 Might want to score that manual off the net before you mess something up.

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Meat Plow


Played some more with it last night. Its like all the red, green, and blues are over powering the picture, monotone colors and background colors seem to be correct. There is also a 'glow' around the bright colors, like they are bleeding out of the area they are suposed to be in.

any ideas?


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