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I have a Mitsubishi VS-60803 CRT Rear Projection HDTV unit. It has this problem where when it powers on, the green power light flashes on, then shuts off half a second later. No image appears on the screen. There are also four evenly spaced clicking sounds: the first two coincide with the flashing, and along with the third, there is a quick, high-pitched whining sound. The clicking is coming from the vicinity of the flyback transformer.

I've opened up the back and made a cursory check, seeing no burned or melted parts. What further steps can I take to isolate the problem? Would it likely be as simple as replacing the FBT?


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If you don't have the knowledge to diagnose the fault call a TV shop who can give you an estimate. Believe me there is NOTHING you can do.


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It is as simple as getting out the schematic and test equipment and troubleshooting the tv set for the problem and effecting a proper and safe repair. Start by trying to find out which of the many protect circuits is shutting the tv down, then working backwards from there to the actual fault.

Simply guess> I have a Mitsubishi VS-60803 CRT Rear Projection HDTV unit. It has this

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If it has any black Nichicon caps with the + on the top or black Rubicon caps with the K on the top, they'll probably all have to be replaced as they were made with bad Chinese electrolyte and will leak and damage adjacent components and copper traces.

I'm going to compile a list of the the specific "type" markings on these caps and post them later. Perhaps someone has already done this ?, dunno.


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