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I have an 8-year-old Kenmore above-range microwave that is failing. Beginning a few month ago it started buzzing (sounds like a relay or chattering) and then it starts -- or not. The controller seems to work fine, and if it starts squirting microwaves it works fine, but more and more now it won't start and won't heat anything. What does it sound like is failing? Any ideas about repair? I do have experience with HV and have a lot of respect for charged caps! Maybe it would be better to just discard it and purchase a new one, but I hate to do that if this one is reasonably economically repairable. Sears wants $130 plus parts to repair. Thanks for any advice, -Harry

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It may in fact be a relay chattering. Possibly something as simple as a bad filter capacitor in the low voltage controller power supply.

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The relay might very well be failing or bad. It is switching a lot of current in that application and might have burned contacts.

See if Sears will sell you the part, and if so, what they'd ask. It might actually be reasonably priced and easier than trying to get one through a components dealer. If you can solder, you can put it into place no problem.

REMEMBER: A microwave utilizes high voltage at high current to do what it does. This combination can prove to be much more dangerous (lethal in fact) than most other high voltage devices. Do not touch any wiring while the oven is operating, and be mindful of the high voltage components at all times. Be sure to discharge the capacitor before working on the oven and every time after operating it.


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