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I found the following thread using Google but found it difficult to reply so I copied the thread. It follows my message.

My GE microwave oven started acting up about 2 months ago. It has a Samsung microprocessor and this earlier thread seemed close. For seemingly no reason it would start emitting beeps every few seconds. I unplugged it, plugged it back in an it was okay. Then it stopped taking input from the keypad. Unplugging it didn't reset the microprocessor. I took it apart and after removing the circuit board and replacing it, then reassembling it, the oven worked okay for a few days. I thought it might be noise from a bug zapper, the noise having a slope so sharp it might have been mistaken for leaking rf. Wasn't it. I removed all the transistors and capacitors and they tested okay. Whenever I'd take it apart and reassemble it would work for a few days. I didn't want to peel off the keypad because I felt I couldn't return the peeled keypad without it looking pretty bad. I looked at replacement parts and ruled out buying parts. Finally I took the keypad off and exercised it bending it bending it back and forth on each axis. It peeled off nicely and I was surprised! When I returned it there was no visible evidence I had taken it off (but I was careful). The oven has been working flawlessly for weeks now. I suspect maybe I could have bumped into the keypad with something or possible just age, over 6 years old, but it's working perfectly. I'm happy.



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I am looking for a place that sales Samsung microwave oven parts.

The part is a microwave oven door.

The model is Samsung MU3050W.

Is there anyone who can point me in the right direction so that I can get cooking again.



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I have a Samsung Microwave (Model #: MW6470W) that the digital control is malfunctioning on. The display Works fine when first powered up (displays all segments, then SIMPLY SAMSUNG. The clock can be set, and numbers can be entered. All functions seem to be normal until a function is entered (at ANY time) which will cause the microwave to turn on, or the start button, at that point the keyboard freezes (can't change size of proportions, restart it after the door switch was activated, or anything with the keyboard). Basically, the microwave's keyboard will not respond to the next input. The relays operate properly and the display will count down properly when in cook mode (provided that the door switch was closed and was not opened), it will stop if the door switch is activated and ask to "press start". The relay(s) will shut down properly. The Magnetron transformer relay will cycle on and off according to duty cycle. What does not happen is that once a button that will cause the microwave to enter a cook cycle is pushed, even with all power wires disconnected and direct power to the control board relay, the keyboard's input does nothing - no beep, no functions, no start up after the door switch was activated and shut it off. Start does nothing (display keeps cycling push start). The beeper will beep reminding that the cycle is over or to push start, just that the key board has no input. The only way to get the keyboard to work properly is to reset the microprocessor by turning the power off or resetting it with the reset pin on the microprocessor.

The Microwave was in a flood, even before the original box was opened. It is possible that the microwave was plugged in before it was fully dried out, as when I acquired it, there was still water inside of the keyboard stickers (which I removed and cleaned). The rest of the microwave works fine. I have never seen the display working properly.

Also note that I do not have the instruction manual, and there may be something simple that I may be missing, but I doubt that ;-)

Thanks in advance for any help in getting this thing to work, as it is in new condition (with a few exceptions!), along with a void warranty,

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By your description, this sounds like a fault on the microprocessor board. It can be any of the components in this area that is making it hang up. The most reliable and easiest fix is to change the complete board.

Jerry Greenberg 

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There may be a cold solder or cracked trace on the board. If it is a multi layered board, the fault may be between the layers. It is also possible that there is a defective part, in such a way that when it is disturbed it works for a while longer, and then fails again.

As for how they service these, the service centre will change the complete board to service these types of intermittent faults. There would be too much of a loss of time to try to service these at the component level, especially for intermittent faults.

Jerry G. 
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Jerry G.

It worked for maybe a month then I slammed the door and it stopped. Peeled it again, replaced it and it works. A new touchpad is something like $55 while a new microwave is near $80. Peeling and resticking is free.

What I found that's worked for over 2 months now is when I replaced the touchpad I offset upwards just a little. The top edge is not off just a little bit. It seems fine and works well. I no longer slam the door either.


















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William T. Johnston

I have a Samsung mw6470w microwave the problem with it is that it ha

stopped to heat.

One morning when operated it was doing everything but just not heatin the things.

Its working normally, all its functions are normal but its not jus heating.

it has worked very well all these years. No problem at i all over for it now?

Will it be cheaper to buy a new one....Will it worth repairing what i actually wrong with it?

I live in Surrey Canada

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It could be as simple as a bad connection - or almost anything else.

Testing will be needed.

Given the cost of new microwave ovens, unless it is special in some way, may not be worth fixing.

However, you can't do anything about it yourself unless you are experieced in high voltage high power electronics. The inside of a microwave oven can be lethal.

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