I bought a turbo oven/ microwave oven last year. I am getting ready to install it. I tested it last year and seemed to work, but I did get an error. Strange instructions I am not familiar with, like letting it cool down before you can use the microwave.

Anyway, its a Sears unit, I am pretty sure is GE. I found no key to the error message in the manual. I looked on the GE site and seemed to find something, but there was not much explanation. Just wondered if anyone has more detailed information on error messages. From what I found it was a sensor error, but that does not make sense, and it was only during a combo oven/microwave opperation.

Seems like many of the companies are calling turbo ovens, convection ovens. All ovens have convection currents, fan or no fan. They used to call them by the correct term about 25 years ago. I don't know what happened.


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You will have to send it to the GE rep to check it out. The fault can be a sensor itself, or the something on the circuit board that operates with the sensor.

Last year, when you saw the fault, you should have brought the unit back for service or replacement. If it is past the warranty period, they will not service it for free of charge.

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Does the oven work without error on microwave or convection, only gets the error during combo?

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