LCD monitor screen light shuts off!

I need some inputs from people who are very familiar with these monitors please. I have a 15 inch LCD monitor where the screen goes dark (blank-nothing) one second after I turn it on. The green power light on the front as well as sound stay on. What can be causing this, and how hard is the repair for someone with a strong electronics background like myself ? Thank you.

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I just had exactly that, and it was bad caps in the power supply.

Bart Bervoets

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Bart Bervoets

On Tue, 24 Oct 2006 23:07:41 -0700, moonlite Has Frothed:

Well if you can shine a light on the LCD and still see an image the problem may be with the voltage converter for the cold cathode backlight. I've replaced one on a laptop LCD and it was a small module made by Hitachi however none of the 5 desktop LCD monitors I own have yet to fail.

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I've seen a lot of desktop monitors with bad back light inverters. In fact, it's the most common problem I see. A lot of monitors shut themselves off when they detect a back light problem. Andy Cuffe

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