JVC RX-8010V Shutdown

I am working on a JVC RX-8010V Receiver. The set powers up for about five seconds and then I hear a relay click and it shuts down. I have changed a few electrolytics here and there with high ESR but the problem persists. I am also working at the moment without a schematic. Thought that I would check the Group to see if there may be common problem with this receiver before I try to find a schematic.

Greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

Don and Liz

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Normally one needs a service manual to troubleshoot a problem like this, and experience with troubleshooting relatively complex audio and power supply circuits is also essential.

Most likely a DC problem of some sort - either a single amp channel has a DC offset, or a regulated power supply stage has malfunctioned, the likely result of which is a DC offset at all amp channels, or simply that the microprocessor-controlled protection circuit has detected the power supply fault.

There is also a chance of a blown amp channel, shorted output transistors, drivers, resistors, etc. The protection circuit would also be triggered by this, though good design practice would suggest a faster shutdown in this situation. Yamaha receivers for example shut down in less than 1/2 second in an over-current scenario.

Mark Z.

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Mark D. Zacharias

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