JVC RX-705V blowing fuses

i have a jvc rx-705v that has blown two fuses, a 3.15 amp and a 5 amp. i replaced both of them and when i plug in the stereo and turn it on, they blow again. there are no speaker wires plugged into the stereo when i turn it on. im not sure if the original fuses were slow blow or fast acting. i can provided any more information if needed. thanks

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The set must be troubleshooted for a short circuit in either the power supply, or most likely in one of the circuits loading the supply. In your receiver, the most common cause of this is a blown output stage, and the related driver devices.

I am sure you will have to give your set out to an experienced tech for proper service. This type of fault can be complicated to service.

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And since it has been established that replacing a fuse is NOT going to fix it, do NOT continue replacing the fuses. More damage will likely result, making the eventual repair more difficult.

Mark Z.

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Mark D. Zacharias

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