JVC Projection T.V. question!

Sorry about the bold type, as I'm pasting this info. Sky.

Has anyone seen this? And can you cover the DVI module to

"prevent" this from happening?

JVC AV48WP30 Important Servicing Note

If You Remove The Rear Cover While The Power Is On You Will Destroy All Dvi Programming Inside The Dvi Digital Input Module. The Only Way To Restore The Programming Is To Send The Unit To Jvc. There Is A Light Sensor Inside The TV And When The Back Is Removed With The Power On The Data Is Erased From The EPROM. First Turn Off Set And Remove Power Cord Then Short Pins 1 And 2 On The Sb Connector Of Digital Input Module. Module has to be sent to Japan by JVC, & the repairshop pays for it.

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This is true. Unplug JVC projectors always confirm that DVI box have the light sensor and jumper the pin block (it is six pin block and correct knowledge will be successful.

Another way is unplug all the wires to the DVI box and service the TV as usual (testing probing etc). When done and unplug unit, plug the wires back on that DVI box and install panel back on. Done.

By the way, I have service call for 2 day old JVC unit with dead DVI and I told Jack about it. I said bring component output dvd player to test. DVI just outputs component signals. And it is about 200 dollars new or send out to reprogram as other had said.

Cheers, Wizard

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