I performed actual IC surgery

I PERFORMED IC SURGERY on an analog amplifier, custom dip-16. Removed the gold cover. Pretty huge 1980s stuff, gold-on-ceramic hybrid. But still. This was a custom IC, a patchclamp front end with a peltier- cooled discrete amp, with a tiny peltier block, thermistor, and a three-jfets diff amp. And a large piece of a dessicant pellet. The thermistor had gone crazy from old age, shutting down their -30C cooling.

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I've never had leadbond chips open before. I mean, besides looking inside those ancient Western Digital 6805-type microcontrollers with the eprom window.

Mantis inspection microscopes: still NOT cheap on eBay.

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What state was the dessicant? I expected it to be the cause going to gel , like the breakdown of con-formal coating causing chip failure. I vaguely remember repairing an STK???? hybrid IC,fairly easy to break open, that had been dropped and getting away with "bonding" the failed usonic weld point , with silver loaded paint.

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Cool. Surgeries are done on internal battery backed up Dallas RAMS too to access the pins for the battery, The new battery is placed on top.

If you have the map where to remove the Epoxy, You stand a good chance of repair.

Desoldering the chip (heating it) might destroy it's contents.

FYI and ASIDE: Had an ultrasonic bonder at work to play with, but it did not work well.

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