Gig-Ohm resistor

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I have never heard the term Gigaohms used with resistors. Is this a
valid term? With computer hard drives, if a drive is 1000 megabytes,
it's called one gigabyte.  

Using some resistor color code software I have, it does not use that
term. For example, brown black gray says 1000M. or red red white is
listed as 22,000M  

In real life I have never used any resistor with that high of a
capacity, I dont even know if they are made, but would 1G or 22G be
valid for the examples above?

Re: Gig-Ohm resistor
On 01/02/2019 18:56, wrote:
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I have a number of high precision multi-Gohm resistors, for calibrating  
RLC meters, for when I used to repair those. They look like reed relays  
at first sight, enclosed in presumably evacuated glass envelopes.

Re: Gig-Ohm resistor wrote:
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 ** Tube and FET condenser microphones use resistors of 1 or 2 Gohms.


.....    Phil  

Re: Gig-Ohm resistor
On 2/1/19 1:56 PM, wrote:
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Sure, why not?

I've designed instrument front ends using resistors as large as 50G,  
which you can get from Digikey.  (In fact they sell 500 Gohm resistors  
in surface mount.)

One thing to remember is that they're very very slow--a 500G resistor  
makes a 1-second time constant with 2 pF!


Phil Hobbs

Dr Philip C D Hobbs
Principal Consultant
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Re: Gig-Ohm resistor
On Fri, 01 Feb 2019 12:56:00 -0600, wrote:

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There may be a safety requirement to discharge across a safety
barrier, without affecting normal leakage, for static discharge.


Re: Gig-Ohm resistor
Yep have used G ohm resistors and have measured currents in the 1E-12 region.

For that matter I replaced a 10 megohm 200 Watt resistor.  It was a bleed resistor on a 15 kV supply,

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