General Electric Mastr 2way Handheld help

Hello all,

I have a GE Mastr (doesnt have any numbers by Mastr) two way radio that i cannot find any manuals for it or disassemble, Has anyone disassembled or tried to fix and is there a special way to take it apart?

Im really stumped on how to take it apart because theres a loose metal piece inside but the radio works well.

Also what can i use to clean battery acid of metal and plastic from leaking Ni-Cd batteries?

What mike, headset would work with this radio?

Physical Description

Black box with pebble finish Speaker area has a GE logo with Mastr below it, to the left says " Hi- Power" Chrome buttons/ 3 knobs (squelch, vol, ch select)

4 Ch

Numbers on plate: GENERAL (logo) ELECTRIC PE 66KDSDHX SN 842209902 FCC TX KT107-A DATA FCC RX ER59-0 DATA

Thanks everyone.

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Gavin -

You need to be asking the correct group of techs -- this question.

Go to Repeater Builders TIP web site.

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Repeater-builders also has a List Server on Yahoo -- with 3,300 members! old GE, Motorola and RCA land mobile techs from across US/Canada -- frequent this group with original documentation and manuals.

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Kevin Custer W3KKC is a good resource.


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