flatscreen monitor

This is in respect to a hp vs17c computer monitor.

It broke. Nothing.

4 years later I tore it apart and replaced 3 popped capacitors on the power supply board.

Then it worked, but for only about 10 seconds. Then it flickers and goes dead again.

The old capacitors were 10v 1000uf. The new ones I put in were 35v 1000uf. Would that make any difference?

There is one other unpopped capacitor in the vicinity. I haven't replaced it yet, but I can't figure anything else out. Maybe I am going to have to buy a whole new power supply board?

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repeated 10s or one-off?

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2 sec. and off.

I tore it apart again, tightened a loose connector and now it works like a charm. I guess the three $1.99 capacitors from Radio shack work for the time being. I guess my soldering was ok as well. I saw how the guy repaired them on U-Tube. I found 3 popped capacitors and replaced them. Now it works. Now my girlfriend has her old flatscreen back. That might be worth rolling a carton of cigarettes.

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