cop420 microprocesser programing

Sorry if this is the wrong group for this question but I have piece of equipment that i need to check the condition on the cop420 chip made by national semiconducter is there a programer out there which will still do this chip I believe it to be a 4 bit chip

Thanks for any help

Andrew bishop uk

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Andrew Bishop
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I believe that all of those were mask programmed at the foundry.

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Michael A. Terrell

sorry Im not famaliar with that process does that mean that you cant read and check the funtions of the chip

thanks for your help

andrew bishop

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Andrew Bishop

Andrew Bishop wrote in news:




Read, likely not, as the lock fuses (if any) would be set as part of the mask. Being masked, I believe it would be unlikely to have the program fail over time.

You could test it though. The least you can do is run the equipment through normal operating procedures.

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Gary Tait

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