Contacts, Remotes (etc.) Buttons Problem


I am frustrated with the contacts ("rubber" type) in my expensive cordless telephone and remote control. I tried everything I could think of. I used aluminum foil "dots" (punched out via hole punch) and a variety of different glues ("super" glue, etc.), but in about a year, some of the "dots" fall off. I bought a bottle of expensive solution (don't remember the name) which was designed for these types of contacts. That lasted less than a year!!! I tried self sticking copper tape. That lasted over a year before some "dots" fell off. It seems to me that the only way to fix this problem permanently is to build a box with a bank of NO push button switches. Do you know of an alternated method to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance, Brad

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I have had great success gluing things with a product called "Goop". I found mine at Kmart in a tube for about $2.00. It dries clear and remains flexible. It sticks better if you work fast before it skims over.

Van Gardner

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