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Ok, I know the answer to this already, but just in case I don't:

My girlfriend has a mobile broadband USB dongle thing. Its on the "3" network in the UK which we now know is the worst network to have chosen. Never mind, its only an 18 month contract. Problem is the signal is very weak.

Is there any way at all to boost reception? I know there are clip on devices on Ebay that purport to increase mobile phone reception but suspect its all snake oil baloney, and Googling backs this up. However, I have Googled and found people that swear they get a couple of extra bars using these (pretty cheap though) devices. I also saw some TV program that built some kind of foil lined tub thing that, with the phone placed within it, also apparently gave a couple of extra bars of reception strength. Hardly a valid scientific experiment I know. I guess these dongles are basically a mobile phone.

This dongle is only ever used in her home. The "3" network mobile phone that came with the (very cheap) package also exhibits reception on the verge of useless throughout the house.

I have investigated the possibility of a USB/CAT5 extension cable to locate the dongle higher up in the house, but reception doesn't appear to work anywhere in the house particularly well.

Any ideas, myth dispelling etc?



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Sadly though it looks authentic the cell booster thinge is pure snake oil that's why so many of the surplus sites were giving them away with an order a while back.

It is possible to make a passive coupled antenna that would boost your signal since the usb dongle is not able to be opened for adding a real antenna to the unit.

A passive unit would condist of a tuned loop (on the frequency range of your provider coupled to a whip antenna of the appropriate range. You might want to look or a Ham Radio VHF handbook if you want to try and build one. It would work something like the passive antennas that were sold to go on cars through the glass not long ago. In fact one of those located near or on your dongle might produce results but i would not gurantee it.


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Gnack Nol

It is possible to improve signal leves IF you use a directional antenna. The simplest thing for a USB dongle is toadd a short USB extension and place dongle in the focal point of a parabolic reflector (some woks are just the right size - diameter and curve).

There are a number of articles on using the parabolic reflector to increase wi-fi range. Do a Google search for wokfi

One of the best illustrated examples is here:

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Wow, that almost looks like fun! Might give that a go.



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