Blinkind LED Error code on Sharp Aquos LC32-LE700 TV

What I did so far :

-unplug the TV

-Press VOL- and INPUT at the same time

-Plug TV

TV turned ON with a LK on the screen.

When turning off with power button , POWER & OPC Led blinked 2 times togheter and power led blinked 3 times alone .

What does this code mean ?


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Means it's time to take it into the shop for repair.

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Meat Plow

Since this is at least the fourth (?) time you have asked [Jan 24th, Jan 26th, Feb 7th, and "now"] and (apparently) haven't received a response that you are happy with, why don't you contact Sharp directly?

Or, if your time is worth ANYTHING, consider replacing the set with something newer/better/cheaper -- one that *doesn't* "blink" when you turn it on/off!

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D Yuniskis

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