Black lines on JVC TVC

i have an old (1993-95 model) 27" jvc tv. a couple weeks ago, a bunch of black horizontal lines started appearing at the bottom of the screen. the black lines appear independent of the video source, it doesnt matter if it's on antenna, cable, video or dvd. recently it has gotten worse, the black lines now occupy half of the screen. is this problem easily fixed? i don't know if it's worth bringing this to a tv repair shop or if i should just get a new set. any advice is greatly appreciated. thanks.

I have a JVC 27850

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Excellent T.V., get the vertical repaired. LA7832, LA7840 etc, (depends on model). Also 100uf @ 50 volt cap, & possibly other caps. Check 75 volt zener diode. If you let it go, more parts will go, then it will go dead.Sky.

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