All Toshiba CRT tube televisions are now made by Orion...

If you haven't noticed lately on the TV market, beginning in January

2005, all Toshiba CRT tube televisions, regardless of what price and features, have been outsourced and are now made by Orion, the maker of the low-cost Broksonic, Durabrand, some Insignia, Memorex, Orion, and Sansui brands. Toshiba no longer manufactures any cathode ray tube televisions. Toshiba has been doing production business with Orion since 2001. I wonder if Orion is any good in terms of quality. Will Orion provide welll-made TVs for Toshiba.
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if you're in any doubt about that, then just take a look at the crappy picture most those sets produce., I especially notice the raster size changes on bright scenes (probably due to poor power supplies) and the fact so many fail to make it much beyond 16 months! B.

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That must explain the shorted zener diode in the last 15 ... 32 inch new sets . Clip the diode out & the set works again . Lately the same model has been showing up without that diode at all .

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