Advent TV Problem

Hey Guys,

Picked up a 2003 Advent HDTV HT3601a at a local aution for really cheap. I found out why when I plugged it in. haha!

There is sound, but no picture.

I have tried cable, DVD and an Xbox to boot! I have tried all video inputs as well as the Components. Nothing for Picture.

Now, the Menu for the TV will come up, as well as the channel # and Volume control for the TV.

Can anyone help out to what the problem may be? Am I looking at a burnt Tube?


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Can't tell you what's wrong, but i can tell it is not tube because of the fact that you can get the channel, colume and onscreen menus. All i can tell you is that from what you said is that you obviously have HV because the On-screens displays work. It's just a matter of finding where you are losing the video signal from the inputs.

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