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Would anyone know, the DC resistance for the main driver, and the impedance
of the main driver used in the Advent Legacy II speaker box?

I know that the total speaker unit is rated at 6 ohms.  I need to know the
bass driver's DC resistance.



Jerry G.

Re: Advent Legacy II Speaker Driver

"Jerry G."
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** Look for one of the US web forums that specialise in old Advent speaker
restoration and post your Q there.

A speaker system rated as being " 6 ohms nominal " can be expected to have a
nominal 4 ohm woofer installed  -   the system impedance will fall to 4 ohms
only around the 250 to 400 Hz region, assuming a sealed box like the Advents

A nominal 4 ohm woofer will have a DC resistance of close to 3.3 ohms.

The ratio of copper wire resistance to resistive AC impedance around 250 to
400 Hz is circa  1:1.2  for the vast majority of bass drivers.

The additional 20 %  *resistive* loss is due to the combination of friction
loss in the surround & suspension, eddy current loss in the pole piece and
last of all, radiated sound energy  !!

......   Phil


Re: Advent Legacy II Speaker Driver

Thanks kindly!  This was very helpful.


Jerry G.

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