3 year old Sony 32 inch died!?

My son-in-law "had" a Sony 32 inch flat screen tv that he bought about 3 years ago.

Really great picture, etc.

About a week ago it suddenly died - no picture - sound still works.

He took it to a repair shop and their story is the grandkids killed it playing their Playstation on it. This is also a Sony product.

Something about resolutions and stuff that the tv couldn't handle!!??

Want 5 to 6 hundred dollars to fix.

In today's adds, the same tv can be had for $600 or less.

No, he didn't have an extended warantee on it.

Does all this sound on the up and up or what?


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WLW: You might be best advised to TAKE the television to a different shop for a second opinion and a firm repair cost estimate so an intelligent repair decision can be made with facts instead of guesses. You might try to find a Sony Authorized shop this time.... check with Sony on-line or with the store that the television was purchased from. The Playstation did NOT kill the television BUT the fact remains that the television needs to be repaired. electricitym . .

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Yeah....playing video games is not a problem. Bring to a different shop.

Jeff Stielau
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Shoreline Electronics

No way the use of a playstation killed that set. I've seen games cause screen burn (though the contrast and brighness would have to be WAY up for that to happen on a direct view) but no chance of it killing anything electrically.

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James Sweet

Steer clear of that repair shop. A Playatation cannot damage the TV in that way. The worst thing a video game can do is cause bun-in if the ame image is left on the screen for many hours at a time.

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Jumpster Jiver

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