Space optimizing : C++, mega8, math.h

Hi again,

I'm having problems getting room for the code in my ATmega8. I found that working with 32 bit int's wasn't enough, but now I changed et all to 64 bit int's the code grew about 50% from about 80% of the mega8's space to about

120% :( I found that most of the space is lost in the following code where I use fabs and sqrt. If I remove thoes lines the code is fills about 99%...

Anybody knows how to optimize the code to use less space, of a feature in AVR studio (GCC) to optimize. Speed is NOT important, space is.

"C:\WinAVR\bin\..\lib\gcc\avr\3.4.6\..\..\..\..\avr\bin\ld.exe: region text is full (cnc.elf section .text)" :(

Thanks - Henning

void moveto(uint64_t nyx,uint64_t nyy,uint64_t nyz) { long int dx; long int dy; long int dz;

double Rho; double enX; double enY; double enZ;

double x; double y; double z;

dx = nyx - globalx; dy = nyy - globaly; dz = nyz - globalz;

Rho = sqrt((double)(dx * dx) + (double)(dy * dy) + (double)(dz * dz));

enX = (double)dx / Rho; enY = (double)dy / Rho; enZ = (double)dz / Rho;

x=0; y=0; z=0;

int R = 0;

for (R=0;R= 1) { if (x= 1) { if (y= 1) { if (z

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Hi again,

I found that if I remove the line for (R=0;R Hi again,

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