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I am a newbie to PIC programming and electronics in general and just
had a
few questions - if this is not the forum, please let me know:

: What is the easiest way to connect a PIC16F84A (assuming no input or
output PINs are used), just to get it ticking?
: Can PIC16F84A be used with 20Mhz oscillator?
: A lot of diagrams make use of two capacitors connected to the two
(OSC1/OSC2) of the oscillator - why is this necessary?
: Is the PIN connection of the Oscillator to OSC1/OSC2 on the PIC
important - can it be reveresed?
: Do I always need to connect a pull-up or similiar device to the MCLR
Is there no way on PIC16F84A config to disregard MCLR pin (I have
looked but
not found
anything in the configuration bit - unless I have got a inaccurate
: Can someone explain grounding in context of a simple variable Voltage
adapter - meaning - the socket into which the adapter plugs has three
pins -
one for postive
one for negative and one for ground - is negative and ground
connected to
each other? Most sketches only show the ground symbol or a 0V?
Thanks for the help.

Carl Meyer

Re: PIC16F84A Newbie Question
Thank you so much for all the help - sure you have heard all these
x1000 before. This should be more than enough to keep me experimenting
all weekend.

Carl-Peter Meyer

Re: PIC16F84A Newbie Question

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I am relativly new to PIC and have some basic knowledge of electronics

Email me cjunk@[remove This Part]bigpond.net.au  and will show you lots of
sites I have found over the last 12 mnths, covering small projects using the
16f84, Ir projects, robots etc

pic16f84 manual.  youll love it

Re: PIC16F84A Newbie Question

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 well not sure if I am help to spam group  but I did look at the :-

and it is very usefull stuff for the beginner


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