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Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone can help me with this simple problem I have as art of my school project..

I am trying to turn an electrical current on and off down a wire via a wireless signal on a key fob.

The cable is connected to a light. All I need to do is switch it on and off -remotely. Yes, I have seen remote light dimmers, but all I need to do is switch the light on and off (not dim) and make the circuit as cheap and easy as possible.

Can anyone tell me what the simple circuit diagram should look like, and what components need to be on the pcb etc?

Plus if anyone can - what the circuit in the key fob should look like.

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Garage door opener.

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You might try to find a circuit for a car alarm/fob. They work from a good distance if the batteries are up and would do what it is you wanted to do.

-- Brian

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Brian O

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