Xvnc without a graphic hardware

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Hello, everyone.

I've ported linux on my x86 compatible board.

There are no graphic hardware and display devices like LCD on that board, but I

want to execute X window on it and see the window on my desktop.

I used Xvnc due to the hardware limitation. Xvnc can act as a X server without

graphic hardware. But many applications could not run without XFree86.

I ran only twm, xterm and xcalc and it was successful. Oh, I've installed

XFree86 but it could not run. :(

I've compiled fluxbox, but it was failed because there are no XFree86.


1. How many applications can run with Xvnc without a graphic hardware?

2. Is there anything that can run as a X server instead of Xvnc?

Thanks in advance.


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