application running on the top of Linux on virtex-ii pro

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I successfully ported Linux to the powerpc on a virtex-ii pro board. Now I'm having trouble writing sample applications that can test devices on the board (switches, LEDs, etc). Is there a way that we can port elf files generated by EDK to run on Linux? I'm able to cross compile simple programs using standard C libraries, but things don't work out when I use Xilinx libraries. I've tried cross compiling a sample program that tests some devices on the board, but couldn't get libraries to work correctly. Is there any work needs to be done to the libraries before I can use them? I'm new to this sort of embedded environment. Any pointers? Thanks plenty.

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I can't think of what you would want to use the Xilinx libraries for. For simple devices, presumably they are located at some memory location determined by your FPGA code. So you mmap the location and then write/read the devices. Or am I misunderstanding something? What in the libraries are you trying to use?

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Duane Clark

The way we do it over here is through Linux Device Drivers...I dont know which board are you using but if you have GPIO on your board then Xilinx gives you the source for the device driver for GPIO's.

-- Parag

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