WLAN card for embedded power pc

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Can anyone recommend a WLAN card for the following system:

- PowerPC freescale MPC5200 (PPC 603e core)
- Linux kernel 2.4.25 (www.denx.de, module linux_2_4_devel)
- form factor: MiniPCI type III

Until now, I have two old cards running on that platform (Hermes- and
Prism-chipset). But these cards are discontinued.

I have also tested a few newer cards - but without success.

The Atheros cards (chipset AR5005GS, madwifi driver) results in a
strange error, that isnB4%t solved by the madwifi community until now.
The Ralink cards (RT61, legacy driver from ralink) canB4%t be
initialized (no device found). The rt2x00 driver canB4%t be used with
the 2.4.x kernel.

I believe, the PPC brings two problems to the driver developers:
  1. big endian
  2. memory mapped IO addresses

Has anyone a solution for my problem?


Re: WLAN card for embedded power pc
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Sounds like after buying out all of the wifi makers they are now
closing all documented product families. No surprise, this is why
they have bought them in the first place after all.

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None of the above is even remotely related to your problem.
There simply is no documentation on the wifi hardware left out
by the "party members" circle. Unless you run windows, no wifi.
Aparently this is the goal - and they are damn close to it.

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I wish I had. And to world peace, yes. And whatnot....


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Re: WLAN card for embedded power pc

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?? is this form factor a synonym for pcmcia type III ? if not
suggest look for pcmcia card holder for pci slot. those take
laptop wifi cards.

as far as new for that, suggest trying macsense aero card which
uses prism chipset. this is card I use with my laptops and it works
fine for me in both kinds of macos and in linux.

22E%4 gave me some trouble before and I fix it with wifi drivers
i build from sourceforge but it seem rather fragile and broke
again. that was when i went (back) to 2.6 kernels.

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i believe these were made to be compatible with 16bit interfaces. but
with those disappearing there is move from "b" to "g" or faster. for
local network services (rendevous, bonjour) 11mb/s is slow these
days ...

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Re: WLAN card for embedded power pc
Yes but for PowerPC 405EP

please use SDK from http://magicbox.pl/ and cross toolchains for MPC5xx
from denx.de

we use Atheros, Prism,Hermes,ACX100 and RT and work great

but with the 2.6 Kernel .

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