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I need to attach some 802.11 device to an Infineon XC16x Controller.

Anybody did so already?
Can i get any recommendation which WLAN module to use and how to set up the
TCP/IP stack?
There are several stacks available in ANSI C or especially for my
controller, but how to handle the additional WLAN stuff?


Re: embedded WLAN

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IoSoft (www.iosoft.co.uk) have interfaced a (PCMCIA) WLAN card to a PIC
which runs a Web Server. Many of the popular WLAN cards use Intersil's Prism
chip set so quite a few cards do, in fact, work. For a "proper job" you need
the Intersil programming manual; unfortunately since the sale by Intersil to
GlobespanVirata this seems impossible to get hold of. You can, however,
clean information from the Linux WLAN drivers, etc. I have successfully used
a CompactFlash based WLAN card, with an adapter, in place of the PCMCIA card
on the ChipWeb Wireless system. Bear in mind that most (?all) CompactFlash
WLAN cards operate at 3V3 not 5V.


Re: embedded WLAN
Here at Agens (www.agens.dk - in danish only), we have developed a driver
for the GlobespanVirata PRISM 802.11 chipsets intended for use in 16-32 bit
embedded systems. It's running on ARM cores now, but is highly platform

As an embedded system design and development company we have access to the
PRISM Programming Manual, however it should be fairly simple to port one of
the open source drivers if you're able to accept the licenses. If your know
your own platform, PC Card interface and TCP/IP stack well, I guess it'll
take 1-3 months depending on the level of functionality and testing you

One of the oldest and most used open source drivers can be found at
www.linux-wlan.org. It's a PRISM chipset Linux driver and has been around
for quite a few years now. As Andrew mentions, there is the IoSoft driver
too. It isn't an open source driver, but your able get the source code very
cheap for evaluation purposes. If you want to use the IoSoft driver i na
commercial setting, you'll have to pay an additional license fee to IoSoft.

The www.linux-wlan.org driver is widely used, performs well supports a high
level of functionality and a lot of PC Cards. It's somewhat complex and
built for 32 bit systems. The IoSoft driver is built for 8 bit systems and
doesn't provide the same level of generality, functionality and performance.
However, it is much more simple, so depending on your requirements it might
be a good choice.

Best regards,
Sune Sorensen

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Re: embedded WLAN
Manuel Albrecht wrote, in part:
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My company, CMX Systems, Inc., offers a TCP/IP stack that also offers
a Wireless Ethernet (802.11b) driver option.  The stack supports over
20 different processor families, including the XC16x series.

Our url is http://www.cmx.com or you can contact me directly if you
would like more information.

Best Regards,

JR Rodrigues

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