Crashing dlopen() on Sharp Zaurus C860

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Dear all,
I have the following issue:

I am using gcc 2.95.3 with Objective-C extensions to compile for the
Sharp C860 (Linux 2.4.18 kernel and glibc 2.2.2).

The code dynamically loads a lot of shared libraries through dlopen()
but spuroiusly runs into an "Illegal Instruction".

Several tests have reduced the code to a simple main() function that
dlopens several system libraries and then three of my own shared
libraries. The strange things are:
* it is not repeatable. Sometimes, the Illegal Instruction comes on
the first library. Starting again (even in a while true loop) makes
the first and second load and it fails on the third one. In approx. 1
out of 100 cases it loads all three.
* there is some dependency on the code included in the library - but
it even fails with a nearly empty shared library.
* it makes no difference if RT_LAZY or RT_NOW is specified
* -rdynamic also makes no difference
* running under gdb is also strange. Sometimes it loads without
problems, sometimes it fails. The stack backtrace issues a "can't
access memory location". info share sometimes fails as well. If not it
shows that the failing library has been loaded.
* writing a core dump also changes the gdb output.
* the Illegal Instruction occurs within dlopen()
* it *might* come from the _init code but I was not yet able to
verify. Adding debug code to the objc runtime (which I assume is
called from _init) was not called before the Illegal Instruction
* the strange thing is that the same code runs on a SL5500 without
* The Qtopia system used on the Zaurus also relies heavily on shared
libraries and seems to work

So I have several hypotheses:
* there is a bug in the glue code for _init
* there is a bug in the dlopen() function (where can I find source
codes?) which depends on the size or alignment of the loaded library
* there is a Kernel bug behind dlopen() which fails to load the
correct page
* the CPU cache is not properly managed when code is swapped in

What I would really appreciate are any hints, helps and workarounds on
that issue.

Many thanks,


Re: Crashing dlopen() on Sharp Zaurus C860

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Tough problem.  Some casual google research suggests that you should
try to upgrade the your glibc distribution, which includes the dynamic
loading code in libdl, if that is a possibility for you.  You can
get source in a lot of places, including here:

Re: Crashing dlopen() on Sharp Zaurus C860 (Dr. Nikolaus Schaller) writes:

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Are there multiple threads at the time of the crash?

I have a test case which dlopen()s DSOs from 2 different threads and
"reliably" crashes on Linux/x86/glibc-2.2

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Re: Crashing dlopen() on Sharp Zaurus C860
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You should try the same code on OpenZaurus which uses a much more modern
compiler (gcc 3.4.3) and glibc (2.3.3).


Crashing dlopen() on Sharp Zaurus C860
For some unknown reason I can't directly reply through Google...

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loading code in libdl

Unfortunately, this is not an option as I want to have my applications
being installed without touching anything on the preinstalled system

But using your hints I have found a thread where
others report similar issues depending on the glibc version (2.2.6
works, 2.2.8 fails). They added a dummy dlopen(NULL, RTLD_LAZY); and
it worked on all versions. I will try this as soon as possible.

@Basile Starynkevitch:
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bad powersupply, etc.... Have you any means to check your hardware?
Did you try on another one? Can you change the RAM?

I am quite sure that it is not a hardware fault as I never have seen a
similar thing in the applications that come with the Sharp Zaurus.
There should be at least occasional crashes of Qtopia applications.

And it clearly depends on my own shared libraries - so it *might* also
be an issue of the linker creating a library that sometimes makes
dlopen() run away.

@Paul Pluzhnikov:
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"reliably" crashes on Linux/x86/glibc-2.2

No, it is a single thread. But I have linked with -lpthread

@Michael 'Mickey' Lauer:
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compiler (gcc 3.4.3) and glibc (2.3.3).

It seems to be too much effort to get an OZ system running just to
compare and then switch back. If it does not fail with OZ, I still
have no clue why it fails with the preinstalled glibc-2.2.2 and how to
work around.

Many thanks for all these hints so far! Additional ones still welcome!

-- hns

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